Briar Pipe information

Because of the nature of the briar wood we use, every Classic pipe will have individual grain and markings. The photographs on the web site are examples of shapes and styles, your briar pipes will not be an exact replica, it will be unique.

Handmade briar pipes are individual and what you see on the web site is the pipe you get.

Briar pipes are available in both a WALNUT finish (left) and an ANTIQUE finish (right).

Most pipes are made in Antique. Please contact me if you require a Walnut finish

Packaging information

Postage costs are £4.50 for UK and EU countries. I now have to charge another £ 6 to countries outside the EU, so the Total to those countries is £ 10.50

In addition to the above options you can of course pay by sending a cheque, and even by Google Checkout if you wish. Just call me using the number on the Contact Us page, and I’m sure we can sort something out.


briar pipes
Walnut finish
briar pipes
Antique finish