Dublin Churchwardens briar pipes, Out Of Stock


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Description Dublin Churchwarden briar pipes

Weight  34g   1.25 oz

Length  270mm   10.5 inch

Bowl Dia 18mm0.69 inch

Bowl Depth  36mm   1.42 inch



The always popular Dublin Churchwarden is back, I make and sell more of these briar pipes than any other Churchwarden. I think it’s because the bowl is the right size in comparison to the stem, perfect balance where the 2 meet. I have decided to make 3 different styles all at the same price. The Churchwarden briar pipe guarantee’s a cool smoke like no other because the smoke has to travel so much further due to the long stem !!!

As you can see I have made these 3  briar pipes in different styles, please email me with the style you prefer.

History says Churchwardens started to appear around the 13th century and were of course made from clay and fired with a length of straw down the stem, the straw disintegrated in the heat and so you have your blow hole.

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