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Handmade pipes

Handmade pipes

Craftsman's Choice

Craftsman’s Choice

Classic Briar Pipes

Classic Pipes





... of England

“We hope you enjoy smoking them as much as we enjoy making them”

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Handmade Pipes pipes

Classic Briar Pipes Handmade pipes Churchwardens Craftsmans Choice Tobacco & Accessories


Weight 64g  2.25oz,  Length  154mm  6inch,  Bowl dia  23mm  0.85inch

These pipes are always really popular and are never on sale for very long. There is a friendly angle to the bowl that also has strong grain and an elegant oval saddle stem. Lovely rustication on and around the base.   

                                                                           £  100  $ 155

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Handmade HM0001

Weight           75g 2.6oz.

Length           168mm 6.6inch.

Bowl dia         22mm 0.85inch.

Bowl depth     56mm 2.2inch.

I still get quite a few people/customers asking if I make Handmade pipes and my answer is  “rarely”. But did have a little time and a couple of good quality briar blocks so here you are. I hope the pictures do the talking.

                                                                              £ 150  $ 230

Handmade HM0002

Weight         59g 2.1oz.

Length         175mm 7.0inch.

Bowl dia       22mm 0.8inch.

Bowl depth   56mm 2.2inch.

Here you have a completely unique shaped pipe with perfect quality briar. Look at the head on picture, the shape is so unusual.

                                                                              £ 150  $ 230


Weight 63g  2oz,   Length  218mm  8.5inch,  Bowl dia  21mm  0.84inch,   Bowl depth  52mm    2.0inch

For me this pipe is perfection, it’s a plateaux briar with exceptional grain in 2 directions, top to bottom of the bowl whilst going up and around the shank. I have allowed the sun to turn the briar darker thus bringing out the wonderful grain with not a fill or blemish in sight. The long acrylic orange flame stem looks amazing, a great match. This pipe has only been waxed, I can polish it if you want, in my opinion just waxing looks best but the shine will last longer if polished, i’ll leave that up to you !!   A unique pipe.

                                                                 £ 230  $ 349


Weight 58g  1.85oz,  Length 170mm   6.7inch,  Bowl dia 22.7mm  0.89inch,  Bowl depth 38mm  1.52inch

On the few occasions I make handmade pipes I try and keep things as simple as possible because for me it’s all about the briar, so no coloured shiny stem, spacers, rustication or sandblasting, just the wood and a stem. I don’t even want to stain them, let your natural hand and the tobacco oils do that. This pipe has fabulous balance and the grain is something of a rarity, unfortunately it has a tiny blemish near the stem join that you will hardly notice thus the price. I think it should fetch triple the price if it was perfect. Your chance to grab a bargain.   

                                                                      £  150   $ 230


Weight 61g   1.98oz,   Length  165mm   6.5inch,   Bowl dia   23mm   0.9inch,   Bowl depth   41mm   1.6inch

A plateaux briar of the finest quality, maybe this is your chance to add an affordable handmade pipe to your collection. I assure you that the smoke you get from these handmade pipes will be something to savour time and time again. The smallest mark hardly noticeable near the top of the bowl means I have to reduce this beautiful pipe and although that’s a shame in terms of final price for me what it also means is someone will be the fortunate new owner of this gem of a pipe. Good luck.     

                                                       £ 150   $  230

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