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Handmade pipes

Handmade pipes

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Craftsman’s Choice

Classic Briar Pipes

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“We hope you enjoy smoking them as much as we enjoy making them”

About us

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Shortly after the Second World War (1947), a company was formed at the old garrison and shipyard town of Chatham, repairing briar pipes, due to the lack of raw materials to make new ones. This was established at the Old Town poor school, known as the Ragged School (a pre-runner to Barnadoes of today), in King Street, Chatham.

The company grew to become the foremost briar pipe repairers in the United Kingdom and continued as Medway Pipe Repair until 1974 when ownership changed to Colin Leeson along with the company name to Invicta Briars.

It was at this point that Mr Leeson took the decision to introduce briar pipe manufacturing into the company, and run it alongside the successful repair business.

Gradually, Invicta Briars grew and pipe making became the main operation, manufacturing for themselves and other British pipe houses. Peter Ellam joined later as a pipe maker.

Invicta Briars of England would like to introduce it’s range of high- quality hand crafted briar pipes. These briar pipes have only ever been sold to UK pipe smokers via the traditional English country show circuit and word of mouth, although some will have undoubtedly made their way around the world via specialist outlets.

However, time moves on, and businesses and people change (just a little). With this in mind we have decided to inch our way into the twenty first century with this web site, so that we might be able to share our pipe making history with pipe smoking people worldwide.

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Invicta Briars aim to bring quality hand crafted Briar Pipes to all who want them.

Please read our Ordering Information page before ordering as this contains some useful information regarding the purchase of your briar pipe.

The range enlarged as did the outlets for purchasing an Invicta briar pipe, encompassing sales across the UK and USA via retail outlets, traditional British county fairs and exhibitions. Invicta Briar pipes are now sold all over the world in Canada, Japan, China, Germany, Russia and many other countries, which is why we have introduced the Google Translate tool to our website.